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Bankruptcy Auto Loans

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean you're not still able to be approved for an auto loan.  At Pierre Money Mart, they believe everyone deserves a chance to own a vehicle, even if past credit has some bad marks and obstacles.  A bankruptcy in your past is not so much a road block as a it is a challenge, one that Pierre Money Mart is ready to meet. A bankruptcy auto loan is the best way to rebuild your credit and to show possible future lenders and landlords that you are dedicated to rebuilding your credit and paying your bills.  Just because your credit is less than perfect does not mean you do not deserve all the same opportunities as everyone else.

If you have a steady income, then there is no hole you can't pull yourself out of, and Pierre Money Mart is willing to help you. For more information about auto loans or to get a approved for one today, contact the Pierre Money Mart, proudly serving the Seattle area.