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Getting an Auto Loan While Self-Employed

Quite often people believe they're finances or credit history will not look good on paper and will result in an immediate denial for an auto loan.  Starting your own business can hurt your credit, especially if you're not making the money you expected to be making, or have bills and payments you weren't expecting.  Fortunately, this does not have to hurt your chance at an auto loan. Almost every adult needs a car and the Pierre Money Mart wants to make sure you get one.  Even if you think your home businesses  does not make enough money or your credit is less than great.  These folks are willing to look past the numbers and help out you as a person. Just because you have started your own business and income is sporadic, does not mean you should not be able to afford the transportation you need.  The Pierre Money Mart can find the right loan for you that will cause the least amount of financial stress in your life. For more information or to apply online, contact the Pierre Money Mart.